Can you give players XP for completing a task?

I want the players to be able to gain XP.

Would XP be implemented as a property value, or as an item?

Could you also please specify what the task is and how it’s completed?

Are you referring to real gimkit account xp? Because that’s not possible. Also, welcome back.

Ahh, that’s probably what he’s asking, good thought

If your not talking about actual xp you could use this.

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I thought he was talking about in-game XP, used to progress his own game

It’s possible but more likely referring to actual xp.

yeah, that would also make more sense why he asked instead of looking elsewhere.

There’s not an xp device currently probably due to the fear of the devs that it’ll be abused.
There is a sprite/icon in the game files, I think blackhole shared an image on it here.
If it gets added though, there’ll probably be a limit on how many xp you can put in the granter, a device limit and a limit to how many xp you can earn in a day with creative to avoid

(Trigger)Triggered > (XP Granter) Grant XP


The only things that can let players earn xp are questioners so maybe when a player does something to get xp, you wire it to a questioner with a kit with all answers correct and use questioner-softlocking.

Event Happens that causes the player to earn xp > Open Questioner

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Yeah, @Bluebay I believe that this is one of the best ways to do so, you can also link the trigger in the guide to other actions, you can not make actual xp you use to buy cosmetics

Please mark a solution, @Bluebay.

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