Can you give me dum storys for a game

Dum story for a cookie

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for game ideas:
have a game where a virus infects all with the skibidi alpha plague. you need to find the cure for it in the silliest way possible.

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Bot the cat got scared by a falling leaf. He ran up a tree in his terror, and is now stuck. Now you must rescue him.

There’s a dumb storyline for your game.
Also, please don’t make multiple topics about the same problem.


OK i don’t know how to do that

your dad ran 100 miles in 1 second
great story lol


Jikles the clown scared a little kid, and ate him, and now you need to find the cure to turn Jikles back human and sp!t the kid out

you said dum and ridiculous

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evil billy wants to steal a cookie from the player because it would get a bunch of views on gimtube. the player respects him for such a great idea but doesn’t want to be stolen from.

woah. stop with the graphics here.

a dum story for a cookie? um…The cookie got eaten. The End
Was that dum enough?

my friend you have become the goat :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Dum story:

oh no! cookie is running to the grand canyon! save cookie so cookie don’t get stolen by dinosaurs.

plot for the game right?

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:frowning: what do you mean?

do u know what goat means?

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