Can you get more Slots?

Where? Is my computer just like dead inside…

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u might be able to find it in ur settings or one of the bottom blue text buttons when u click upgrade

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No, you have to create a new gimkit account as a “educator” account.

Ditto (check post above)

doesnt show the text beneath tho

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@Jiji See the discussion here:

Basically using the free trial, then creating ten slots, so when your trial expires you still have them. Wish I did that :frowning:

Make sure to mark a solution, please!

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They’re patching that for the season ticket. You get 25 slots, and after your ticket expires, you can only click on 3.

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25 slots…

mysz, your pfp :sob:

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It’s for a school project.


hmm, using your gimkit creative help forum profile picture as your school project

how do you explain that to your classmates

how did they know though

Simple. We’re in a linear algebra class and we’re doing image compression using linear stuff. One of my classmates who’s cat had just been lost loved this profile picture, so I used it as a surprise for him to demonstrate image processing.

wait thats a good reason

why are you doing image compression in math

why is your school so much more fun… my school is doing absolute functions, peicewise functions, systems of any functions.

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zactly :sob:

iain do no stem projects till the end of the yr if im lucky

me too

AP Stats is sooooooooooooooooo boring

i mean u knew what u were getting into w/ that one

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