Can you detect and block off a place if someone is a certain team

I have seen it happen before, though I need an explanation, and how to do it


assuming you’re using props to block off things, you would have a zone in front of the prop that triggers whenever anyone of a certain team enters it. That zone then sends a signal to the prop to appear again. You can also do this with barriers, I believe.

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Yes. You can. Make the scope of the barrier team or player. Now make the barrier deactivate on “authorize”. Now make a lifecycle for game start. It should trigger a relay that broadcasts for the team that CAN go in the barrier. Make the barrier active on game start and the relay should broadcast on “authorize”.

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Please mark a solution!

I would have tried to help but code and blocks are not my area of expertes.

Could you send some pictures, sorry Im kinda confused

I’m on mobile. Sorry.

That’s ok, I got it, right as you said it, thank you!

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