Can you change your name on the forums?

The title is all. Byee!

Yes. You can.

I don’t think you can change your name on the forums 10 days after you make an account.

lol what do you even want to change your name into, birdmaster?


How? Plss tell me right now

Nope. Random_Duck that’s it

How to change my username here in discourse-python? - #5 by abessman - Python Help - Discussions on :confirmation right there


No, he can’t since he’s been on for more than 10 days as already stated by yoshikarter.

Yes you can. But you personally can’t change it. Only a moderator or above with access to the user admin panel can change a users name. Make a moderation request to change your name and what to change it to.


I wish I could change my username :cry: lol I guess I’ll just be stuck with the long name forever…

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