Can you be teleported if you can't move because of a Movement Meter?

Can you be teleported if you can’t move because of a Movement Meter?

as long as you’re touching the teleporter, regardless of your movement, you will teleport.

I wired a Teleporter to another Teleporter, (When player teleported here> teleport player here) and the first Teleporter to a Movement Meter, ( When player teleported here> activate Movement Meter) so you’ll get teleported twice, but I only got teleported once.

if you want a player to teleport somewhere use groups not wiires.

But can you teleport from a Teleporter immidiately with groups?

im confused on what you want.

Sorry, I just want to know how to get teleported many times while being unable to move because of a Movement Meter.

unless you’re directly standing on the teleporter, then you can’t use it

Make thew wire go to a wire repeater that has a delay. Wire the wire repeater to the other teleporter.

You can use channels to teleport.

they were using wires.

Wires also work. You should have realized by now that wires and channels have essentially the same functions and that if you can do it on one (excluding blocks), then you can do it on the other.

i know but wires don’t really work from teleporter to teleporter. if you use a wire repeater maybe.

You never said anything about teleporter to teleporter. You said that it is impossible to teleport unless you stand on it.

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well is this a curiousity or is this for a game? like “hey I cant move, Lets teleport”

because I know how to fix that

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