Can We Make a Gimkit Course

I gtg for 10 min. I’ll be back.



imma make a acc so brb

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@here I’m making the wiki now.

send me the wiki because the gcc is acting up

So like a class on “How to Gimkit?”

How in the world did you get 289 replies in 1 hour?

And almost no off-topic.

Yes. And @CassiusDoomlorde, I’m just built different. :slight_smile:


Coursera. 3b1b’s Essence of _____. Am I right?

Yes. That should be the title.

Essence of Block Code.

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Essence of gimkit?

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how do i make a acc?

On the gcc?

So, is there a cohesive plan moving ahead, or is everyone still brainstorming?


Click the invite link I sent.

Yes and no and maybe.