Can Somone Make Me A Thumbnail -M13

I want the background to have a castle theme and the game is called “Juggernaut VS Minions” its a 1 vs all kinda game for more questions reply to me

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You don’t need to sign your posts, it shows your username. And good luck! Welcome to the forums, @M13TheCreator!!!

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Okay, super fast thumbnail delievery coming gimme 5 mins? 7?


ohh thank you my first day here!


how do people even make tumbnails?

Welcome to the forums @M13TheCreator remember to read:

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Do you use an app or smth

I did! I don’t wanna get banned lol

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I believe so, like adobe photoshop or other apps, or maybe google slides.

ohh and how do I add that background behind my PFP?

It’s because you are using a png file. You need a jpg or something like that. Now back on topic for me.

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@M13TheCreator is this good?

I made myself one but I cant upload it that’s the reason I’m here

this is why at it looks like

but I don’t know how to make it a jpeg

he’s a newbie, he came here oly 1 day ago, I was like that when I first came here too LOL

Whoa, crazy. That’s an interesting thumbnail, think you could make one for me?

I might be able to do that for you, one sec…

I know. I was just pointing it out for future notice.

does it have to be JPG? Can it be PNG too?

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