Can somewhon make a pic for my tower defents game

please help me i will excepte anything the games name is tower defends so go check it out too if you want

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Do you mean thumbnail? @MOONSUNS welcome back but this technically is advertising.

  1. Please provide a detailed explanation of the game’s concept.
  2. Please remove any references to the game’s name or promotional content.
  3. It’s great to have you back.

cant you look up the game in gimkit?

I would love to, but advertising is not permitted.

oh sorry i did not know it is a game about a ship crash landing into the sea and its inhapetents beamed out the ship which still functional but not inhabitable also the plants steal a human and turn him over to there side (he places the towers) and the humans upgrade (mostly heaf and speed is rilly hard but i am inproving it)

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That lore is quite impressive. @M1dnight has a talent for creating art. I Apologize for pinging.

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no its ok how do i get @M1dnight

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to help (sorry) also i hope you have a nice day today and will sleep well tonight


u can hit me up at my email (in bio)
id prefer if u give me a style, list of gims, background sample, and a simple sketch made in something like or

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trust me, he’s the best option

(bro absolutely cooks…)

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