Can someone send me or create a link with all the information?

Just art. Need art.

Im trying now to make some art for it…

Maybe do campgrounds for the spawn and checkpoints

Something like this in larger scale and have you animation hop (ill give example) across metal scraps to get to enemy flag and take it?

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Jumping between islands animation
This is mini-version of a island map you could make. Does this help?

Sorta? It’s only capture the flag one way. The other team has to tag them to get more flags. It’s kinda like cat and mouse.

how about the art/map is that part good (and or the possibility of going between multiple islands)?

Wait, so it’s tag domination AND CTF???


unfortunately, the guides in the tag-domination tag are the only guides we can give you. remember to mark a solution @GimSolver.

Yeah, I already figured it out by myself with credit to @Legobuilder .


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