Can someone send me or create a link with all the information?

Well, I’m better at mechanics than design, but I’ll try my best!

Have some space-themed props (specifically from one way out) and use some barrels for the cannon.
(I know they look very medieval but you can tint them with rectangular and circular barrels.
Add tunnels and Tag Streaks.

i can help with stuff too. Also mechanics are simple, just two tag zones that deactivate or activate on repeater, then notifications when tagged or tag team switches, use overlay for timing on tag

Ill post mini-guide here how to do it tomorrow when I have more time… and you wanna have me email you link to my creative then you give me link to yours (school email will block your email) tomorrow and we collab on it? would that be easier?

(for art, mechanics, 3d look, lore, secrets, etc.) I’m good at randomizers and being thorough.

It’s mini-guide…

also make it so spawn point waits until whenever than teleports out. also just use a vending machine with IIM for max energy, vending machine w/ repeater and item granter for energy regen, and speed upgrades are simple, vending machine to speed boost. Upgrade lanes and barriers are just invis vending machines with barriers

WHat do you mean by that? if one person needs help more will follow suit I have seen that before I joined. (don’t know what you mean so im specifying what i meant…) OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH thanks dragon!!

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no I was telling you it is spelled mini-guide not min-guide

@GimSolver did you find what you were looking for?

no. I need art for flag but I can’t find it.

I don’t think anyone’s made that yet. Maybe you can be the one to.

Do you still need mechanics?

What do you mean by flag? like the prop flags or a custom flag?

For Capture the flag.

If you are talking about the flag color, you change it in the device settings

You use poles tinted and make a > on one side and straight on this side and then add a metal pole.

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A THEMEE!!! Help me with Survival Island Capture the Flag.

OK, calm down, what themes are you looking at?

Survival Island.

Do like a “survive for this amount of time”, or “collect this and you can do this” just to throw some Ideas

I am working on my lost rooms map while I am doing this :pensive: