Can someone send me or create a link with all the information?

Could someone send me or create a link with info about how to create a full-blown tag-domination? Sorry, I searched but couldn’t find anything.

what kind of full blown tag domination are you asking for?

A guide.

Look for tag-domination.

I did, couldn’t find anything. Just loose guides about one thing and one guide by @Blizzy that isn’t enough.

very outdated tho cus the editing limit ran out

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Umm… See?

What mechanics do you need help with your map?

Umm… I might not have started yet… :point_right: :point_left:

K ill help…any specifics???or just like a copy you can edit of tag domination?

Just every mechanic.

Oh thats easy explain with words or make a min-guide?

do you want extra features like lore and stuff, do you need a map?

I need everything, mechanics, art etc…

again in guide or word format? i can’t help without that answer.

What themes/genres are you interested in?

Maybe a crafting forge to get different items and weapons and add lots of upgrades!
Add purchasable barriers!
Add Tag Streaks!

Anything theme, correct mechanics, for @LegoBuilder, I don’t really care.

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Maybe a Sci-Fi theme?

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Tag in the future…two advanced settlements at war…one is going to launch a nuke and you must avoid getting tagged blast through sentries get speed upgrades and defuse bomb (pvp or pvs (player vs sentry))

Sure, but I’m more focused on the mechanics. Could you make ideas (like rooms or design) for the art, and @LegoBuilder please help with the mechanics.