Can someone please make me a thumbnail

I need it for a scary hospital game and they need to be running down a hospital hallway and red stuff on walls and moss on walls and it is called abandoned forest

This isn’t really the place for asking for thumbnails… Kinda off topic

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How is it off topic how

The forums are for help with gimkit creative games and not for publishing.

I have done it before and people help so I pretty sure it ok

I could help! It might take me a little bit though!

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That is fine i dont care how long it take

If you can message through something else then that’s fine but this is not going to stay up and it’s probably gonna get flagged

Why are you getting so mad just let him help me

I mean this is basically what happens when you make off topic guides not my fault blame the mods

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You can go to to talk about the game just don’t talk here

Wixsite doesn’t work for everyone.

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Omg x.mochi hiiiii how are you

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You make great thumbnails you are awesome

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Then use something different this is getting off-topic


just looking for a thumbnail please

Hello can someone help me with a thumbnail

Is this good?


THAT IS ABSOLUTELY EPIC, not to get off topic, but what platform did you use for that?

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Thank you! I used canva!