Can Someone Please Make me A Find The Button Thumbnail

just very blurry but other than that perfect

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I’m finishing up my last touches on another thumbnail
I’ll start tonight or tomorrow
ok, @val_cypher_is_me ?

thanks i hope i like how it turns out!

Can i see your previous work?

most are in my bio
these are my prevous ones i haven’t added yet

btw I wasnt home when you replied

the last one has photoshop

hey uhh can i move your thumbnail a few days back I very sorry my schedule very tight now

yeah its okay
|| word filler ||

blud <>

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|word fillller||

put stuff inside of these <> and the words inside will be insisible

o thanks

I know this is an old post, but the community has now decided to treat thumbnail requests as off-topic. Could you please mark a solution to avoid flags?

okay thx for telling

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