Can Someone Please Make me A Find The Button Thumbnail

Can Someone Please Make me A Find The Button Thumbnail

There Must Be A Hidden Incognito Gim

Incognito Gim Is Shown Under


It Must Look Cartoony Something Like This

I Do Like The Text And The But :black_square_button:n It Looks Cool

Bye Have Fun Making Your Thumbnails!

you need to give details bud

I Am Making Details :smile:

just add it to the post

I Dont Quite Get What You Mean

edit the post with this button
thats how you add it

@gim_guy Yo can you make it the thumbnail for me

knock knock Hello anyone there?

please dont ping artists for thumbanils

i can do it just lemme finish my current thumbnail I’m working on

previous works

blood warning


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Those are very good thanks and sorry i am new i havent use forums alot

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could you do something simeliar to the where the worlds collide

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oh sure thats what i usually do

thanks but one question how long will it be done in

uhh maybe 6 or 7 days can u wait that long or shorter depends on my schedule

yeah its okay just asking

can i see more work of yours

uhh thats it im fairly new to thumbanil creation but here’s a failed attempt (my first one) gimme a sec to find it

okay its nice to know that you have talent, close to first time and you already drew that its amazing


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oh its still pretty good

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