Can someone make me thumbnail for bedwars

oh and uhh what props

Here is the fixed thumbnail

sorry i dont have time i’m going to review it tomorrow sorry

ok and also it is my first time making a thumbnail so if u made it the thumbnail it would mean alot.

oh and im ok if u want me to fix anything

Here is my improved thumbnail sorry it took so long. I hope you like it. tell me if there is anything else you want me to add.


Both of these are real good now their fine with me would you like to change it?

one thing can i see you made this
game by foxboy
thumbnail made by Gimator
its very good just can do it in a bold font

u can change it but do u want anything else l can make credits and better lighting (idk why i replying to gimator)




Both good remember i want any edits from you. The voting should begin tuesday.

What does this mean?

Where you can make any final changes

Welcom to commons kush!

I have a question are you making a thumbnail?

Me? No, I’m not. @Foxboy

You said you would make one

When is the poll?

Prob today later today