Can someone make me a thumbnail

Just do ´Scary game´ if he does not answer

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I use adobe most of the time

the paid vertion cuz if it is, Thats bad cuz i don’t have money on me

what are other ones that you use cuz my fav is the CLUE one you made

Im the original lol :+1:

yep you are look at what you have created

dose your freaind now how to digitle make these

i just sketched them

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Well if your talking to me she is not my friend but maybe she could IDK but that looks awesome

I use a school included plan so I don’t pay anything

yes - not freinds? - you should ask her - thanks

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ok what adobe do you use then?

I just checked, I used adobe express

@Gimkitsuggestor check out what i made. @Cgames I realy hope this works. fist time ever making a thumbnail. :grimacing:

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Looks really good for your first time making a thumbnail!

thanks :grin:. wanted to make it good. it it 11:28am for me. and i go school in moring. got to get up at like 4:00am


My first time was horrible too

But apparently not because like 10 people stole it but i dont care anymore

didnt see name till now, here is updated thumbnail:

nice man. My sucks though. yours was cool

what are you talking about thats great

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