Can someone make me a thumbnail

@x.mochi is better though she is an expert

Please do not be rude

well i am doing this. please. give me a chance. i got to help this guy


About half of the games on discovery and most thumbnails that came from here came from her

Alright sure =) then I just think she would be good though

how about you have her make a backup

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You are implying that @Mattnosport is not as good at GCK thumbnails

Yeah that seems like a good idea

Did I ever say that?.. No I have not seen his art yet

HAY!!! he did not say that. i am not offended. He simply stated that somebody else was better

x mochi is good but you dont need to insult the other artists on the forum, they work very hard


guys don’t argue on someone’s help post

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let’s go back on topic yall

yeah lets back on topic but last thing I never said I didnt like his art

@Cgames I need the name plaese

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Scary game? XD that seems realistic

Though most likely not name make the joke one just for fun


how is my last post the solution?

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I ment my last reply

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whoa how do you make good images like these?

hay dude(@Cgames), I need the name of your map please

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