Can someone make me a thumbnail

Can i Please have a thumbnai it is for a scary game and please use the people and names and skins in my profile because that i my team

can you give me a close up? I cant see the names

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If you get me a close up I can

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And to see someones profile picture bigger click on their name

okye doke. i will get to work. might take me a bit. name of map and describe it a little please

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Thanks so much you are the best I was really scared I would not be able to post game tommorow

Btw they are in a forest

Snowy forest so there is no snow on ground though just dirt

Ok I can work with that

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I can do it, but do you really want the names???

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Yes my one teammate is moving back to his old school in two days and I want to have him remembered

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My work that I did for other people. one is mine >:)

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Nice but I dont want it like that I want it like animated but it good and Just one pick though

Think that is possible

I can do it. give me till 12:00am. i will do it

animated names and everything that would be great then

i got it working on it right now

Ask @x.mochi She is great at it



She made these

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no i am doing it. i got this

i do need the name of the map though