Can someone make me a thumbnail it may be hard

Shhh, Bakugou is mewing!


First reaction…What is this?

a second later scrolls down

dies from heart attack…
She is a thumbnail master
The gimgoddess of thumbnailing how does she do such great work??

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Wait till you see her other work lol.

rate this out of 10 and give suggestions pls.

I’m hands stopped working after making that thumbnail…


Great podcast!

thank you! it was lots of fun! :smile:

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Moved to “Art” category.

an art tag ive never seen that.

okay, I made some changes to It. here.


give me feedback pls.

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Looks fine in my opinion. Maybe tone down the pants if you want, but you don’t have too. I think it looks good as it is! :+1:


so is this topic just forgotten? what’s next?


I think they found a good thumbnail by TheWorldo

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