Can someone make me a thumbnail it may be hard

I want someone to make gims that look like My Hero Acadameia characters for the My Hero Acadameia Ultra rumble re-make I’m making?
Is this possible?

@Gimkit101 would this be cool or no?


Can you send a screenshot

if you are having a thumbnail request dont ping ppl pls…just wait and let them see themselves…and we need more backround info .

@lonewolf0230 Some one needs thumbnail help

Uhh… idk. Sorry, busy w/ school. :smile_cat:

oh boy…

my hero acadamia nope don’t think that exists in gimkit

idk what that is, can you send a screenshot pls so I can help?

pretty sure it’s something related to anime

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My Hero Academy is a anime which has a bunch of kids learning abilities and such.

Screenshot 2024-05-14 4.38.56 PM
AHAA!! here’s a picture.

I would love to make it! give me some time… I have to make someone else a thumbnail rq.

are you sure you don’t need a break? You’ve been cranking out these amazing thumbnails like crazy!

My hero acadameia is a popular show with deku all might and other cool charcters you should watch it you can find the charcters on google

nah- I can take it. I like making art.

same lol

Here is the draft I made. when it is done, it might be my most unique thumbnail yet.

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Okay… this might be my favorite thumbnail so far!! hope you like it :crossed_fingers:


took me 1 hour to make this my hands hurt… ;-;

here’s mine…
sorry if it looks bad, its my first time drawing something like this, and I made it on chrome canvas.