Can someone make me a profile pic

Sure, but this might get flagged, as @unavailible said.

Anything I should edit?


yea can you give it a american flag and a quantum portal and make the feathers less pointy also imma look at all of them when they are done and pick my fav. ill try to do a poll but might not

alright, got it!

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thanks for making them everyone :slightly_smiling_face:

also can you make the beak less pointy and the top part of the legs not so narrow, sorry that i didn’t say so earlier( i saw some of your other art, Its soooooooooo good not that this one is bad)

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Edited version.
If you decide to use it, just make sure to credit me in your bio : )

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yea sure no prob. thx it looks great

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credits to voidfluffy for the eagle

Define: off topic

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this message.

… this was supposed to point out this entire topic isn’t supposed to be something happening on the forums, and all of you are also off topic here.

i just made an account yesterday, so sorry.
Also, art is a topic for this, barely anyone was off topic. its tagged art request.

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No. Making a profile picture has not in the slightest anything to do with gimkit creative.

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Why is there a tag for art if you can’t talk about it?

art-request is mostly for thumbnails, which are related to gimkit creative.

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