Can someone make me a custom picture for my game?

so I made One Way Out 2 but I just picked the normal One Way Out picture but I want a custom picture for my One Way Out 2 so someone send me a picture for my One Way Out 2.

Like a thumbnail, or a pixel art?

I think thumbnail for my picture

all requests go here

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well i can attempt to help out…what exactly is the game layout (like what would need to be added)give me discription about game.

well i can build you one soon…just give me some time…i am working on a lot of thumbnails currently…ill get to yours as soon as i can.

okay thanks btw for helping tell me when finished.

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@Finn something like this work?
tell me of any changes to gims used, format, backround, etc. anything you want added or taken away tell me.

Good job I will use it

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anything you want added or changed? does it fit the game?

it does because you need to fight to win.

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