Can someone help to make a thumbnail for my lab escape game?

In my game, (Lab Experiment Escape) you work at Vortex. A war between Vortex and Echo is going on and you find yourself captured by Echo agents. The agents use you to test potions and weapons that they will need for the war. You get fed up and try to escape. The only problem is that I am terrible at art, so if someone would make a cool thumbnail for my game, I will be very very grateful.

P.S. If you have any cool ideas that you would like me to add to the game, please tell me.

I can try when I have time
note when making the map it has to be appropriate for 6 year olds

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Thank you so much. Also the game isn’t violent or gory or anything like that.

Welcome to the forums @0rd1naryCod3r!

Idea: Add a lot of secret endings. (Like one where Vortex is annoyed at Echo for capuring you and rescues you, you are happy, but then you figure out Vortex wants to use you for tests too.)

Cool! I will try to add that in if I can. The only problem is that the game is very long, so if someone tries to get all the endings, it could take a while…

Yeah, that’s why you hide the endings, so people don’t get them all.

OOOOH! Nice! I’m also gonna add a secret boss too

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I can make one!

My work!

THANK YOU SO MUCH! What is your main Gim? I can add them in as an easter egg if you want.

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Unfortunately, my main gim is not a sentry, but maybe use the Stache gim. If you can make gimkit barrier art, make MineRide, if not, make my logo.

Please fill this out:




What to make/sketch (UN-NEEDED):

I want it to be a laboratory with Echo Agents holding Zappers running toward the Gim with the Gim running toward the camera. The Gim can be whatever skin you want.

If you can do that, that would be great!

Alright! Right now, I am at a soccer game, but I will make it soon!

Thanks! You’re the best!

I can make one ! photoshop or hand drawn?

Agreed, should I hand-draw it, or should I photo shop it?

Photoshop please! BTW: did you see the solar eclipse?

Photoshop would be great! Thanks for helping!

Yup! It was awesome!