Can someone help me

Of course, dont show the j0in code


What about the other teleporter?

it is the same

You need to switch them, they need to be opposite

Swap the target and the group on just one of them

okay now i need help with the item granter.

What do you want it to do?

When player teleported here → grant item.

I want them to spawn with the item.

Lifecycle——item granter

Use the Starting inventory device. It will grant items to the players when the game starts.

Have a lifecycle with game start going into a relay with all players or smth and then have it go into the granter

cause i want each player to have the weapon closest to their spawn

Or if you want to keep you set up change the triggers to be on the spawn pad and make it be invisible and have collision

so can you guys help me I want them to star off with one weapon but i just tested it only works but it gives you all 3 weapons.

Hope this works!

Also make sure to mark a solution!

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