Can someone help me with this?

A lot of my friends haven’t played Gimkit 2D (I know, disgraceful), and I’m not the best with words. Can somebody type directions on how to play? It will need to include controls, items/item slots, etc. It doesn’t have to be extremely thorough, though.

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WASD to walk forward. You cannot jump, and you typically have 1 - 5 item slots in a game, which store resources, gadgets, and consumables.

Resources are things that you can use to purchase other things, or something else.

Gadgets are used to damage enemy players or sentries (AI robots that attack you).

Consumables can give you health or shield, and you typically have 100 health and 100 shield in games.

For 2D games, WASD and Arrow keys to move - Press or hold Enter to do something, like an action. You can’t jump and you have 2 slots on a original Gimkit game, but 1-5 slots on a custom game.

According to mysz (cause i’m too lazy)

Alright, thanks everyone!


One thing. Your item slots hold gadgets and comsumable, but resources are stored else where.

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