Can someone help me with ideas for my map, where you play as Vortex agent in training

I need help so much :sob:, so I need ideas, and help with the devices because I put 2 spawn pads and it teleports you to the place where you go when you die, and there ar some glitches.

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Can I see your setup with the spawn pads?

I put one spawn pad and set it to pre-game, and another to game but it teleports you to the game one in the beginning and I don’t know why
Screenshot 2024-03-12 8.10.50 AM
Screenshot 2024-03-12 8.10.39 AM

Would setting a checkpoint work?

I don’t think so, I tried it once and it didn’t help

so whats the problem? spawn pads?

also welcome to the forum

yeah it is, and I got rid of the other one but it now teleports you outside the place your supposed to be in

You can use pseudo health instead of actual health, and when pseudo health = 0, teleport to the death area.

and thank you Blackbird

to make that work you might have to use lasers. idk how to do pseudo health

nope. on some actions, you can “lose health” and when the fake health reaches 0, it teleports you to the death area. You have to know basic properties and block code though.

what’s the name of the device

Ya that is a good question

Triggers would probably be the easiest and one of the most memory efficient.

Oh, and should you start in your home and get a letter or should you start in the truck that brings you there?

that is a really cool idea

thank you, I just got the idea for some reason

Which one should I do?