Can someone help me make moving sentries?

I need help making sentries that move. I am making a hello neighbor map and I need to make Mr. Crow

As far as I know, there isn’t a good way to make sentries move. You could try making one disappear and another appear in a chain to create an illusion that it’s moving. Would that work?

Yeah thats basically how you do it, triggers, a bunch of sentries, and a bunch of channels/wires

dang, so many people have been asking for this recently,

one single sentry cannot move. but you can activate and deactivate multiple sentries to make it took like it is moving

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Yeah it’s really annoying and memory inefficient. I put a suggestion on the feedback page for moving props and devices but it’s probably not going to happen. We can hope though!

Thank you for the help everyone. If there’s anything I can do for you, just ask me.

umm, actually, I don’t think you can because in hello neighbor, the neighbor can literally go anywhere, so that means a LOT of sentries. that means more memory, and there is a limit for how many sentries that can be in a map.

Yeah. Each sentry is a whopping 1,000 memory! (Or 1% memory on your map)

Isn’t it 500?

Oh yeah. Sorry, I just was thinking of when I used blocks with sentries. My bad.

A whopping 500 memory! That’s 0.5%… yeah you get it