Can someone help me make a thumbnail for my Gimkit?

Alex_x’s request
Hello, I would like a thumnail that is based of of my Gimkit creative. I have a story i made spisificly for the Gimkit. Can you base the story on this thumbnail?

requests go here Thumbnail tips and requests

It is closed. How do I request a thumbnail if its closed?

you edit the original post and put it into requests it’s a wiki

Ooooooh thank you! Ill do that now.

@Alex_x once you do that can you mark a solution(checkbox under post)?

@Foxy I tried to edit it and its very confusing to type in the right place and it’s making me a little overwhelmed. Can you help?

I can make one for you just give me some time

sure I can enter it for you can give me a paragraph or something?

Yes, can you put in what I said at the top? Am I allowed to have screenshots?

Can you turn it into a paragraph?

Sure! Gimme one sec and I’ll send it to you.

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Is this good enough?