Can someone help me make a thumbnail for a hospital game

I need a thumbnail for a game that is scary and in a hospital and they need to be running through a hallway with strawberry jelly if you know what i mean and it is called Abandoned Hospital and put the word cgames in the corner because that is who we are

@Nixximon could you maybe do it for me

Maybe you could do it for yourself

I tried but i have a problem because i have a disability were my hands shake whenever i try to write or draw so i cant

And also my game i just made has nt been doing to well because people look at title and wont click on it

Well what is the name of the game?

Abandoned hospital it says it in thing

Why you want to know though

@Cgames i can try, but you got to give me till Wednesday. I made you the Greenville one. :slight_smile:

Here you go! I know what you meant by strawberry jelly but games must be appropriate for 6 year olds so i made some changes


Ok that is awesome thanks

Hey @Nixximon could you maybe make a thumbnail for a game called scared where you are in an abandoned town and you have to run away from monster and can you put monster rin

Also it is just c games not cg games just letting you know not trying to be rude

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What type of monster

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Not really sure but probobly one that has red eyes and a black body that floats

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Think it is possible i understand if not

It is actually gonna be called scar

Also last can you make something sperate with my profile picture and use thoose names and character but make them in a living room together

well i hope you see this and can do it but i got to go to bed