Can someone help me build my map

I have a question can I have someone show me how to do it please I need help to see how to
build so anyone show me on creative

yea sure i could help

i dont know if i could do it now tho bc for about the next hour and 30 mins i have to do stuff

what type of game r u making

Welcome to the forms! Please read the FAQ.

Be sure to do the creative tutorial.

ok can you come on mine on my world or what

what is your game first

and ill get on later bc i cant rn

I did just I need to have help to figure out what is what

You cannot post links to your map in the forms. Just describe your topic and we’ll help as much as possible!

I can help, but you aren’t aloud to post codes on the forums.

how adout 1:57

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i can my email is
Also, Welcome to the forums!

If you don’t have enough characters in your post, use lowercase letters inside of this: <>

It’s a lot at first, but if you read the FAQ, it would be a lot easier to understand!

ok i can help i just got back

Welcome to the forums, @henrymackck!

henrymackck i can help now if u need help

What is your map about?

idk tho i was gonna help him when i got back