Can someone help figure out the mechanics for this?

This is the new game mode I’m making, The King’s Betrayal
(some of you may have seen the naming poll)

Here is the basic overview of the game:
Players will vote on a game mode.
Currently only two options.
You will then be teleported to the map.
One player will be the King/Queen, and
you must defeat them.

I want to have three different game modes and have the players vote.

The game modes I thought of were:

In game mode one, the King has three lives.
Each player has one.
If a player gets knocked out, they will be forced to spectate.
Recommended at least 5 players.

In game mode two, only one player is the player rebelling.
Others are soldiers, and when knocked out,
will go onto the rebel’s team.
The king must try to kill the rebel before they
recruit too many soilders.

My third game mode is still in the creative process….


Do you want help with the voting part, the game mode part, both, or something else?

(Also I remember that poll…)

Uhhh making different game modes.

The voting part should be easy, there are plenty of guides.

Do you need help making them start separately or coding them?

I wanna play this with my friends it’s sounds amazing!

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Making them start sepratley. Like after they’ve been coded, everyone gets assigned to the correct team an gets te correct amount of weapons and health.

For the first game mode make a counter that starts at 3 and has a target value of 0
next, get a ko manager make it decrement the counter, then get a end game or teleporter, wire the counter to the end game/teleporter, target value reached - teleport player to target/ endgame
(Nvm, just saw the other post)

For the first game to get started teleport the players to the game area when the game mode is chosen, make it also activate a randomizer that chooses a number from the players,(You could also just make a relay, wired to a team switcher) make different teleporters that teleport the player on a channel of the randomizer. (This will be the king)
Make item granters for the players and the king/queen with the item that you want.
For the spectate thing, just do a lifecycle wired to a team switcher on spectate.

For the second game:
Make it activate on the channel that the voting gives out when it is chosen.
Same thing as before, except the player who is switched is the rebel, make a ko manager, that is wired to a team switcher.(Onto the rebel’s team)

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Thx @HP7divergent46THG12

You might see it in my bio later, but games can take me over a month to make.

I’m perfectionist LOL

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Hmmm maybe the different triggers that start the game mode once selected can trigger everything that activates the specific gamemode.
Is this what you mean?

Something like that. I think crimson knight’s explanation was really great but I’m still confused on the team thing.

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How do I get a randomizer?

Use a trigger, here is a guide:

(Also for the team thing use a team switcher)
You could also just use a relay wired to a team switcher, it might be easier, set the relay to random player

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