Can someone give me ideas for this years GimJam?

I need at least 4 zones, funny game mechanics, traps, and LORE! If anyone wants to participate, post your ideas in the chat!

Maybe a Dungeon Crawler, Escape Room or Maze?
How about a game recreation (specifically board games)


Check out my guide


Maybe something with the new medieval props? Or maybe chess.

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What is GimJam?

An event that is being hosted on the discord and josh as put a 5k gimbuck as the prize pool.


Is there a way to compete even if you don’t have discord?

No, not unless you email them asking how.

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@WolfTechnology I will try to use discord when i have some time.

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Also, @KrystalEverdeen , I was thinking about chess for a zone, but i dont have any lore for it. can you elaborate on the idea, please?

welcome to the forums, @awesomeT43 !

Ok, so maybe they have some captive person/item that was trapped and can only be freed by beating someone in a game of chess? Or maybe all of them can be board games, and they were shrunken down and trapped in a game room and can only be free by beating all of the games? Just a thought.

Thats a pretty good one. Im thinking about a Deltarune-type chessboard, from Chapter 2, where (as you just said) someone was held captive, and the player has to try and save that person.

They’re a regular so they’re not new. Also for some ideas for GimJam I would suggest an underwater type game since it will be better received. If you don’t want to make an underwater map no worries! However, it won’t be rated as highly. The GimJam submissions end on the 20th of November so good luck!

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Okay, okay… new idea: UNDERWATER CHESS!
The playing pieces are all made out of coral, and they are based off of sea creatures trying to battle the amphibians to see who is superior!
PS: Thanks for the mention, @raeB !

@WolfTechnology , Do you think you could try and use the description above to make the base for the map?

I can try, when do you what it to be do? Becuase a im also currently working on a map for Gim Jam.

  1. chess pieces, 2. a board, and 3. a boss at the end of the game.

What is GimJam? Is it like a competition for maps?

yeah, and josh has made the prize 5,000 GimBucks
(josh is the creator of Gimkit)

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