Can someone fix my escape room thumbnail

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can someone fix my escape room thumbnail
go close to the bottom to vote

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i dont want to be that guy but this this is like your 4th topic today

is that a problem not to be rude though but is it a problem???

like will I be banned
o ok

idk im just wondering


he is doing something big i know that

what do you mean

@Gimkit_Is_Cool_yea said you had lots of topics, but what i mean is that you are really curious like me

Wdym fixing?

true, im confused @2nd_place_guy

is it like not working?

I want a better thumbnail

ah, you can get the thumbnail creators, i dont know all of them, but you can look other topics to find people’s work

Do you want it to be similar???

I don’t know something for an escape room

I know how to edit images and stuff @2nd_place_guy


I’ll make one… If I have time…