Can someone design a mineshaft entrance

yea but there’s gonna be like 6 other mineshafts cuz each one for each ore

ohhh yes those are some great ideas thanks @GimSolver !!!

can u take some pictures cuz I wont be on all day

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honestly those look so cool

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I will take a whole screen recording. And probably put it on the docs.

Also, you could just start from the top, and go down? Idk how mineshafts work.

isn’t it today tho?

Do you still need a mineshaft entrance for Platforming in creative, or is this resolved?

(I can help)

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show me what u got :wink:

Alrighty give me 20-30 minutes tops :3:P

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Before I get WAY too obsessed with this, give me feedback on what I have so far. What you dislike and like, what you may not understand and what you do, most importantly what you are looking for~


ok first off i need a entrance so i pres a button and it brings me to the mining spot
so it has to only be a entrance cuz ima have a couple of them

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So like a button that will teleport you into the mineshaft, but you can sorta peer into the mineshaft a little bit but can’t go in until you press the button?

yea so it will be like a thumbnail in a game

I hope this is somewhat close to the idea. In the picture below its pretty much the same, only 3-4 new things I added a sign that says, “No trespassing, stay out!!”, there is a barrier that has player collision and is enabled on game start (I would recommend making it COMPLETLY transparent with no outline), the button is NOT visible to players and is labeled, “Venture into the Mine~”, lastly there is a wire the connection is: Button pressed ----> Disable Barrier

Mineshaft version 2

no lol not like that I want it to be the outside of a minshaft but then I press a button and it teleports me to the mineshaft

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OHH bro didn’t read it right lol sorry, so can I keep the barrier and that mineshaft, but instead make the button tele the player to the actual inside of the mineshaft (two separate mineshaft, one for looks the other the actual mineshaft you mess around in, or still one mineshaft it just tele you in?) perhaps not disabling the barrier?

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