Can someone build a map for me


The blockcode I used (it was notifications instead of activity feed)
was, Send Notification Title: Triggering player’s name
Content: Message

To make sure the block code itself isn’t buggy, put that blockcode in a trigger then step on the trigger.

okey dokey give me a second

yeah i dont think theres anything wrong with this, its prob smth outside of the block code

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Its not working when I step on the trigger, and I don’t know why.

What is your wiring?

i can help if you want im good at having a vision :ok_hand:

u have to make smth broadcast when u step on the trigger or use wire repeaters

All that was was @Dayy guide to a game chat

Make the block code send a message on channel then make text hide when it receives on that

No codes allowed . Post it here:

Delete that code.


No codes! Delete or edit out!

Okay one second let me do that

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FYI: You can get banned for posting codes.

COMPLETLY Forgot about it @Julius do you have membership on that site. Message me

I can go on the wixsite in around 15 minutes

Sorry had to get off my chromebook but im totally free now

It’s kinda late for me, (I’m on mobile rn) maybe tommorow

okey dokey what time zone are you in? Ima just direct message you on this