Can someone build a map for me

I need help making a map for my Call Of Duty knock off can someone please help me?

Is there a specific concept or mechanic that you need help on?

You might not want to make your title “Can someone build a map for me” because that it a little misleading; someone might think that you want them to do the entire load. Maybe say, “Can someone help me build a map?”

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I just need help building a map as I suck at them

No I just need some help someone to make a simple map thats pretty big and is call of duty themed

Yeah, that’s what I’m asking. What about the map do you need help on

I need help building the map portion like the main game map

So you need map design ideas?

yes thats exactly what I need

How about use a lot of metal parts. Use metal scrap terrain combined with dirt to give it a post-apocalyptic vibe. Then use the metal scrap props to create litter.


See I suck at making maps I was just hoping someone could come in my game and make the map for me

Everyone starts small. We didn’t suddenly become experts at gimkit creative during the first few days it released.


Yeah I know I’ve been getting better and starting to become pretty good at block coding in gimkit. I used to code in scratch, but gimkit’s block coding is built differently. I’m currently making a call of duty knockoff with classes and a game host only start button

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Yeah I guess a certain black object doesn’t count for that


what do you mean? im confused

@Blackhole927 made a calculator 18 hours after gimkit creative’s release and tic tac toe 2 days after.


blackhole927 prtty smart person

bruh Thats crazy I was wondering if you could help me with another problem. I used the chat by @Dayy but the activity feeds not poppin up

Send some pictures of the blockcode.