Can Somebody Please Help Me Create A Thumbnail

I Need Help Creating A Thumbnail For My New Game. It’s Called “Journey To Colossal Castle” And In It You Travel To A World Called Hurraculas And Search For The ‘Colossal Castle’. I Want The Thumbnail To Be A Castle (Colossal Castle) And A Gim Running Out With Treasures.

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ok ik u didn’t ask for this but I think it would sound better like “The Colossal Castle Journey”
and for the TN tell me more like what BG and what Gims
and what do you want the setting to be
EDIT: the art tag is only for guides (I think)

Thank You! I Will Change The Name And Put Your Username In Credits!

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aight les go, and also I can make a Graiedent BG if u want me 2

Edit: I really like your username sounds catchy and good

And You Also Pass Through Different Areas Such As: ‘Berry Beach’ And ‘Crystal Caverns’. A Pink And Red Beach With All Kinds Of Berries And A Light Cave With Item Images (Heavy And Light Shards) For The Crystals.

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umm so what u want the setting to be and what gims, I need more details

Thank You!

(Why Did You Write ‘Edit:’?)

because I edited it and pls give me more details

Details: I Would Like The Gim(s) To Be Rocky West And (Or) Mayor Cole.
Castle Should Be Made Of Stone Brick Terrain (Light Or Dark).

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And Also 2 Sirath Gims As Guards.

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