Can somebody make me a thumbnail?

“how do you?” wdy mean?

I mean how do you friend people

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to “friend” people go to prefences

Okay, thanks! I was wondering too. LOL

in prefences you can either put there user in ur bio or invite them but idk if thats really adding a friend

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OKay, well I did it, you’re officially a friend now I guess @Random_dude123

Did you choose thumbnail yet?

Not yet, I’m getting there, I’m waiting for one from @Random_dude123 and @Claire_B

I can make you one :slight_smile:

I’ll be watching for your’s too, and if Hacker’s on here, I like yours but I would like it a little bit better because I know you can, I’ve seen you’re work.


ok lol :slight_smile:

what i have so far

to add :
more plants
light coming from door
??? (you tell me)
to fix :
the sky outline, plant shadow, and door not having any depth


Isn’t the background the cover of the book?


I am done with other thumbnails for other people and I am now ready to start yours.

What I drew for other people:

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i dont think so?

Oh, alright! I just thought it looked like it would be. My bad!

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idk really, whatever could work

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Omygosh I ai generated the description of the game and got this, what the heck is this :sob:



LOL :smiley: That’s the funniest

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