Can somebody make me a thumbnail?

hello. hello! your fellow artist is here to say:

  • I can do it if you want me to!
    are there any other specific details that you want to add? ( like what gimkit skin or whatnot)
    if you want examples of my artwork,
    you can go to thumbnail tips and requests- ( tho I have better ones that are not on there)
    yeah, I’m willing to do it
    -I dont have the wiki link so yeah.

is this okay? :worried: What does it need?

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Um…I don’t know? Try again please?

that is good really good

Thanks :smiley:

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padlet is still loading

I can help with some thumbnails

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thanks! I appreciate it. @Nature_Boy_Drama16

I actually like your work, I saw some of it on a thumbnail question and you made AWESOME thumbnails of gims in space. :slight_smile:

@Dustie-Bunns do you want me to make you a thumbnail?
(I’ll post some thumbnail’s I’ve made in a minute)

Sure! Give it a shot, I want to see it.

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do you want it handdrawn?

It doesn’t really matter, but if you want too!

okay just wondering I’m not going to do a handdrawn one yet because it takes longer and I’ve limited myself to 1 handdrawn thumbnail per day…

LOL that’s okay! I totally get that.

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Allright I am here to make you a thumbnail!
Explain what you want it to look like

Look through comments, and if you look at top, there is a screenshot of the garden. And thanks again @Random_dude123

Sorry I forgot about you telling me before. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

You’re good. Do you know how to friend people on here?

You can friend people!?
But anyways, no how do you?