Can somebody help me make a Dumb Ways To Die Game?

i just need help because i was going to publish the map.
I will give credit to people who help me.

can you explain the mechanics of Dumb ways to die? I’ve never heard of it before

Basically, it is many tasks that get quicker and quicker, and if you dont do them fast enough, you DIE (always weird stuff lol) and the goal is to get the most tasks done… I havn’t played before, but thats the idea, I’m pretty sure

The the private part one with sentries as the piranhas and you got to kill them because they are one shot

Dude, that game is seriously violent, you might wanna watch a video of gameplay, because you might change your mind.

well its not violent its the kind of humor kind of violent its not like full on blood every second with no mercy to move its just a bit of blood

You have not seen the violence of blood and stuff than I think I have

I PLAY IT, people EXPLODE, they get hit by TRAINS, this idea is not well thought over. (Sorry for yelling.)

well tell me the gory part then not the violence part

sure what do you want it to say when your eliminated yk before you respawn

ate tortilla chips vertically

Drank soda and too much Mento’s at same time.


Existed for too long.

And I saw yours too!

well is that really a dumb way to die or is that just being normal?

in different context it can be

Also @Gimkitsuggestor i decided to not do make game anymore but you can search it up on google its a game where you try to die in the fastest time possible i think.

could you give us a screenshot of a sneak peek im curious about it

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