Can multiple teams share a vending machine while the vending machines excludes multiple other teams?

See Title. I have an every man for himself game, and I want players/teams to have to access only their closest vending machine. I see how I can choose only 1 team on a veinding machine, but I want teams 1-5 to use one, teams 6-10 to use a different one, and so on and so forth.


Place one relay for each team at a vending machine. Set the relays to all players on a specific team and set a different team for each relay. Make sure the vending machine isn’t active when the game starts and its active scope is set to team. Connect a lifecycle set to game start to the relays then connect the relays to the vending machine to activate it.


Nice! Thank you! This community’s knowledge of how to make stuff work is impressive.


dude you got no idea…
i am lost in this world of tech
i only know how to swipe to the next gif on tiktok LOL

Same. I feel like a novice compared to some of the users on here. A month ago I was proud of myself for using blocks to broadcast a notification message on a channel. Then I come on here to ask for help on stuff I assumed was not possible and dudes on here got working compound interest in-game, and functional tic-tac-toe games. :astonished: :

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Everyone starts small. I remember back in the good ol days when I didn’t know blocks existed.

The community is very knowledgeable and you will definitely learn a lot from looking at their guides :]

If you want to get better at Gimkit Creative, have the mindset that nothing is impossible. There’s usually some way to achieve what you are trying to go for. If you absolutely can’t find a solution, it is impossible for now.


omg, i never knew that was possible