Can lasers hit sentries? Need some help making it work?

Is There are way that laser can hit sentires?

Checking, one sec.


Umm no but i will try to find a way!

okay just post here because i will be going to a field trip soon

ummmm even all of this did not work!!!

Yeah no it’s not possible at all sorry. What you can do is have some sort of barrier/prop/emoji as a laser, then deactivate the sentry. Lasers don’t even detect when it hits a sentry.

maybe using block code will work idk

or this is one way have a laser, but have when laser activates, it deactivates a sentry!
let me work on it…also we might need some experts for this…

Block code can modify existing device features, not create new ones.

okay thanks i will use that but they should probably add that

That’s not very hard. I’m more wondering why they even need a laser to hit a sentry.

Im going to try and get some smart people to work on this if you want to keep post open.

okay thanks i am using the lasers for my game

if it closes just make a new topic because i will be gone soon

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i gtg keep the topic open if you can

Im not quite sure, unless you have it move the sentry in the path of the beam

So you’re saying we’re not smart?
HOW DARE YOU (I’m joking lol).

In reality, I can flat out tell you they can’t. I can imagine how it’d work with modding, but this would only be client side, and not server side. There is NO hit detection between sentries and lasers.

Considering sentries don’t move in the first place, this is kind-of a weird question by them. If they want to make the appearance of a sentry taking damage, then they could make a blue text object flash on and off the screen X times before despawning the sentry.

There is no way to do this with block code. Block code can only modify EXISTING object properties. Think of this in OOP (object oriented programming).

not you i was referring to people smarter than myself…you were already here so i did not get you…