Can I use your name in my game? [Poll closed]

(I know the title rhymes)

Can I use your name in my game
  • Yes
  • No
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Your name will be used as basically a sentry or an npc in my game.
Also, please specify what you want your sentry to look like or act like. Or both


Either the guide or a similarly helpful, but unkillable sentry. Make it look like MEEEE please, with Beanine if you could manage it.


I want my sentry to be chompz use zapper, with horrible aim but shoots very fast

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I want my NPC to give a side quest that is extremely difficult in terms of raw difficulty, but if you finish it, he will give you the most OP thing in that zone. Also, he should make video game references. Lots of video game references. Preferably, references of games in my bio.
Also use the Echo agent gim.

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Can mine be an friendly NPC with the Captain Buck skin? He appears everywhere and is constantly offering 1 banana for 1,000 of your in game currency. How ever when you buy it he gives you a legendary snowball launcher instead.
Is that too much?

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No, It’s not too much

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Can mine be just my logo on a sentry with moss legs?

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I just be a npc that gives you B0mbs if you do my quests (and yes you can use my name)

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Maybe make a sentry for me that looks like a wizard. :man_mage:

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Can mine just be a sort of knight (Preferably with crimson armor, but you don’t have to do that)???


Is the game platformer or not? I could continue with more information, but anyways.

Yes please, Make Mine Marvel (Marvel refrence). I’d like to be the main boss of the game, and when you knock out me you get lots of sheild potions (Cause of my sheild), and you get an Epic Blaster.

I have a picture of @Captain-Gim in-game if you want. He’s made out of barriers.

If I am in your game, thanks.


Here is what mine could look like:
I could be a sentry that gives you a golden slingshot if you are noble enough. Like if you have defeated an evil and been nice to good people. Attitude: Noble, but sometimes a little impatient.


Can you make me?

Mine is the vortex agent skin with a uncommon blaster with a aim accuracy of medium with a fire rate of fastest.
Health 75

With the name being…
My profile

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Staches sentry
Not trustworthy, attacks player with legendary slingshot.

prob bonesy (with a christmas hat please!)

and it should act nonchalant

can u do mine please mine is the mustache guy

Aka the stache skin

yes him that is my gim

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I don’t really have any preferences except for the basics: gim, pirate. name Christal/Chris/Alex/Gen

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My sentry is gonna be a chomps costume with a legendary slingshot named 111, he will have 120 health, and pretty good aim, also very fast f.iring.