Can I reuse a map with a different game mode?

Hi, everybody. I’m pretty new, so sorry if this is a silly question. I tried searching the forum but didn’t see an answer.

I’ve made a map that I really like and I’d like to use it for a snowball fight, maybe for a capture the flag, and so on, but I don’t want to re-create the map each time. Is that possible?

Welcome @JBJ !! I don’t think there is currently a way to copy and paste your whole map elsewhere. Sorry about that.

You could, if your memory usage is low enough, have multiple games on the same map and choose your game at the start.

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You should be able to import a file, and welcome to the community @JBJ.

Cool, that sounds like what I want. How can I do that?

Thanks. What kind of file? Can I export the map and then import it into a new blank map?

Welcome to the forum, @JBJ! Check out the new-user-must-read and forum-tips for more easy help! Read the Community Guidelines for a gist of the rules. If you ever run into a hard problem, just ask away! After all, this is a community forum!

So build all of your maps first. If you can make the system just from looking at the concepts, read just the last paragraph.

First, make sure that all the devices are inactive (using wires or different channels for each map would work as well). For the spawn pads, have like a lobby that has an actual spawn pad. From now on, I’ll refer to teleporters as spawn pads. There will be no more talk about actual spawn pads! This is important!!! Make sure your spawns pads for each game are unactive on game start. They should be activated on the name of the map (more on that later).

Make a button for each game. They will all be unactive on game start. Make a lifecycle that listens for game start. These should activate the buttons (only the host can pick). Make each button broadcast on the name of the game it is for. So the snowbrawl button broadcasts on Snowbrawl and etc. That channel broadcast should activate the functions for each map.

So now to respawn the player. If you have tagging, then make the tag zone broadcast on “Ded” when the player is tagged. If you need that channel slot, then make a trigger receive on the channel that you are using and make that transmit on “Ded”. If you also have shooting, then make a life cycle device that listens for a player being knocked out. This should transmit on “Ded”.

So now we need to get the player to spawn at the spawn pad (remember, teleporter). Make a trigger receive on “Ded”. It should be wired to at least 2 wire repeaters. Make one that only lets team 1 through and one that only lets team 2 through. The one that lets team 2 through should be wired to a teleporter. Its target group should be [Map Name] + [Team Number]. So remember the spawn pads from earlier? Make the ones that spawn team 1 in be in the group [Map Name]1. And for team 2’s spawn pads’ group be [Map Name]2.

The trigger should be activated for the button, and there should be a system like in the last paragraph for each map. There should also be a wire repeater for each team.

If you don’t want to read all of that, here is the gist of it: We have a button for each map. They will activate all of the functions of that specific map. Next, teleporters will act as the spawn pads. They will be activated if its map is chosen. When the player dies, a system will see which team they are on and teleport them to the right spawn pad.

You could make an entire guide for that!