Can I optimize this precise timer?

I have a precise timer that counts in intervals of 0.1 seconds. I would show you it, but I only got one image.
The wiring for the normal seconds works fine and I’m not worried about it

This is the wiring for tenth seconds is… worrying

Here’s the full device
Screenshot 2023-08-17 09.20.39

Because the minimum repeater interval is 0.5, I couldn’t use that, and 1 repeater costs more memory than all of these. It works, but is there any way to make it better without sacrificing precision?


Triggers have a delay of 0.1 seconds…does that help? Although how much memory do you have left?

That doesn’t really help, but that’s probably good knowledge for the future. I currently have plenty of memory, but I’m planning on building a detailed map for this and I wanna be really safe if I have to push it

Connect the a wire repeater with a delay of .1 seconds to a counter, trigger, and whatever else you want it to to trigger. Connect the trigger to a wire repeater with no delay that triggers the delayed wire repeater. Make the counter have a target value equal to how much ticks you want the wire repeater to run for, then make the counter deactivate the trigger when the target value is reached.


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Yes, apologies! And thank you!

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