Can I make sentrys move?

Like actually walk and stuff. Not teleporting.

You can’t make them walk really smoothly without teleporters, unfortunately. You can put a lot of teleporters next to each other to make it look smoother.


Could you make an animation to make it seem like they are walking?

Not literally, sorry. There are quite a few glitches with teleporting, though. That’s a good thing for the Nolt.

so just putting teleporters right next to eachother? Wouldnt that still make it seem like its teleporting?

It would look similar to cartoons that don’t have many frames per second where the animation doesn’t look as smooth. If you want to make it look really smooth, you would have to use up a lot of teleporters which would be tedious and time consuming.

what n avy catz says is true i have done it once but i deleated it once i did not need the gimkit anymore and wanted to build something else its kinda chopy but not terrible could be worse i guess

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