Can I make it so that a player gets an item (cash) when they tag someone

for my capture the flag game

nevermind I figured it out

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wait no that wont work I still need help

Just place down a knockout manager that listens for the player to get knocked out, and then have it grant cash. Just an idea.

thats what I tried but I thought what it was saying is that it would grant the cash TO the player GETS knocked out. (that’s just how I read it, not sure if that’s right)

Could you explain what you did, so that I might be able to figure out what you could do differently?

I just set the knockout manager to grant cash but then i read the thing :

and it made me think it would grant to the player who got knocked out not who knocked them out

I might be overcomplicating this, that’s just the way I read it

Sorry, went offline, but for the knockout manager, do have it grant an item, just for the grant strategy don’t have it grant into the inventory, set it to drop on player I think, so the other player can collect it.

just use a lifecycle that listens for player knocks out.
then wire that to an item granter that gives cash.

but that wont have it grant just for the tagging player, right?

ohhh that could work! I try it later, thanks.

Great, if it works, mark a solution.

yep i’ll test in a bit

wire the tagging device to the item granter.
player tags someone —> grant item

A bit of Gimkit Knowledge:
Tagging is not the same as being knocked out