Can I make it so one gadget require ammo but not others?

I have been making a map that uses shards as currency, but weapons that use shards to reload have posed a problem. I wanted for the snowball launcher to be the only thing requiring ammo, but don’t know how to do so. Any ideas?

Welcome to the forum, @Scottcrew !! I don’t think you can make only one weapon require ammo. But you can just not use the other weapons. Or set it so the weapons require ammo and give the players an unlimited amount of the ammo for the other weapons. Hope this helps!

Maybe you can give an ammo every tenth of a second.

Try these guides.

Here is the code on how to add ammo.
Screenshot 2023-10-19 8.40.48 AM

Let me know if this helped.

This is what I’m trying to do:

So you don’t want the PML to require ammo? But you want the snowball launcher to?

yes, that is the idea

You could give like 99999999999999999999 snowballs so they won’t run out.

So set the other gadgets to this, Settings > Map Options > Items > Infinite Refills = Yes

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Hmm. The best solution I can think of is giving the players 21381082301823 big number of the PML’s ammo when they start in so that they wont run out

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I use PML ammo as a currency, so that may not work

The PML ammo is medium shards btw

what do you mean that will not work, it does not require ammon, it is a sideways 8.

Settings > Map Options > Items > Infinite Refills = Yes

The snowball launcher will then not have ammo, which I do not want

if you want infinite ammon, you can’t refill it. And this has to be set on every gadget.

How can I set it to individual gadgets?

you cant use vendine machines to get the infinite ammo, vending machine gadgets require armmo so place an item spawner infront of the vendining machne , it spawns with infinite ammo, no matter what gadget you use.
Screenshot 2023-10-19 9.02.07 AM

It is the snowball launchers hovering, that is the type of spawner you need, and see, no ammon needed.

I think you might either want to change it so they don’t get a pml. Or just make the currency a different type of shard, such as light shards or heavy shards.

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yes that is a great idea.