Can I have the player view a camera screen?

Just wondering if I could build a camera based system, I wanted to know wether or not I could activate camera view zones by having the player click a button. I want them to be damageable while in the camera zone.

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hello welcome to the yes

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you cant show them another part of the map, only teleport them there
[also @vqnillaxx what]


Camera view zones cannot be activated nor deactivated unfortunately. For your second question though, cover everywhere else in the map with a zone. In the zone’s settings, turn gadget fire off. Also, welcome to the forum!


im lazy

Welcome to the forums @NoFaceNoName. As both @CassiusDoomlorde and @NavyCatZ said, you can only teleport them to a zone. remember to mark a solution

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Maybe you could teleport the player into a place by the room like in a corner and cover it up so it seems like they are looking there. not entirely sure though

Welcome to the forum, @NoFaceNoName!

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Welcome to the forums, @NoFaceNoName

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